Northstar Integrated Health

Weight Loss Medical Programs in Lisle, IL

There are many ways to lose weight. Obviously, watching your calories is one way to do it. Sometimes that just isn’t good enough. Frequently, there are hidden food sensitivities that can be pro-inflammatory & cause you to gain more weight. We can run tests to determine which foods are harming your body. It is possible the excess weight stems from too much water weight. Natural & medical diuretics can be employed to pull off the weight caused by fluid retention. We can prescribe appetite suppressants to help you stop emotionally eating, thereby reducing your hunger & increased caloric diet. Frequently, we use lipoplex intramuscular nutrition injections to naturally help your body burn more calories, give you more energy & help you build more lean muscle mass. We create care plans with therapeutic exercises to burn more fat & build more lean muscle mass actively in our office with our therapists. It is very important to run basic blood tests to check if your sugars & cholesterols are too high. Sugars can turn into fat; if yours are too high, there are basic medications we can recommend to help your body lower your sugar so excess is not turning into fat. Cholesterol can damage the heart & vessels; bad diets high in fast food can contribute to high cholesterol & we can work on making lifestyle changes to decrease your numbers.