Northstar Integrated Health

Infertility Treatment in Lisle, IL

Infertility is when after one year of trying to conceive (or six months of trying to conceive for those over 35), the patient has still not conceived a child. There can be many contributing factors: stress, poor diet and nutrition, sleep & hormones, among others. Blood work allows us to see the status or your hormones, specifically the hormones in charge of follicle stimulation & luteinizing hormones. In extreme cases, we refer to a reproductive endocrinologist; fortunately, we are often able to treat in office. Additional, simple blood tests allow us to check kidneys, blood cells, liver function to uncover basic deficiencies; when fulfilled the body begins to work more effectively & efficiently. From there we can begin therapies. Acupuncture is an effective therapy to bring balance to the endocrine system by gently correcting deficiencies & reducing any excesses. Gentle pelvic stretches & active exercises can help bring nutritional blood flow to the pelvic organs that when otherwise blocked can be causing or contributing to the problem. We can offer dietary advice in the form of foods, supplements & diets that can help the body recover from stress associated with infertility. A multidisciplinary approach is the best way to handle this problem & help you get pregnant.