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Hip Pain Treatment in Lisle, IL

Hip pain can come in many varieties; it most commonly takes the form of bursitis, which is swelling of the cushion for the tendons, or tendonitis, which is the inflammation of the tendons around the knee. Active therapies such as active stretching for increased range of motion can help alleviate the hip from pain. Additional modalities include medical manipulation where the joint is manually moved back into alignment, alleviating the pressure from the capsule of the joint. Some patients may be experiencing capsulitis where the ligaments that surround the joint freeze up & cause a lack of range of motion & pain. In these cases, acupuncture & even joint, bursa or ligament injections of anti-inflammatories can bring the swelling down, decrease pain down & increase the range of motion.

*Treatment plans & medical information listed above is based on typical treatments & cases seen. We treat each patient as an individual & view every case holistically; your individual treatment plan may vary based on your symptoms & evaluation.