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Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow Treatment in Lisle, IL

Many active adults & athletes experience elbow problems. On the inside of the elbow, there are flexor muscles which when overused can cause what is known as “golfer’s elbow”. On the flip side, the extensor muscles can be repetitively stressed & cause what is known as “tennis elbow”. In both cases these are repetitive stress, tendonitis injuries & need to be treated right away! Using light active physical therapies, we can often calm the area with specific stretches & manipulations of the area. Acupuncture can also help calm the muscles by allowing the body to heal faster & release muscle tension & spasming associated with these conditions. Sometimes we recommend additional nutritional supplements or medications to release the spasm & calm the swelling in conjunction with the other physical modalities mentioned above. We want the patient to feel better & perform as best as possible, as quickly as possible!