Northstar Integrated Health

Soft Tissue Injection Therapy in Lisle, IL

Sometimes in conjunction with regular physical medicine therapies the patient needs more power to get the pain to decrease and range of motion to increase. Sometimes the patient has tried it even can’t tolerate oral medicines for pain, or even more does not want to get involved with narcotic therapy! In these types of cases we can use very small hypodermic needles we can insert into muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue structures to deliver very precise accuracy to where the medicine needs to go. Aside from this advantage alone, the patient sometimes can avoid oral non structure specific medications that oftentimes has systemic side effects that also is intolerable. The biggest side effect we hear about aside from gastritis is sedation. Office work and production goes way down when the patient is sedated from oral pain or muscle relaxers. These are some of the reasons patients prefer specific gentle off tissue injections to help support their care and treatment plan.