Northstar Integrated Health

Sprained Ankle Treatment in Lisle, IL

A missed step, a rolled ankle while walking or running, a slip on a patch of ice . . . no matter what led to the sprain, we need to check out the ankle with a full orthopedic & neurologic examination to see the extent of the damage; we typically take digital x-rays at this time to ensure nothing is broken. Once we have a clear picture of the injury, we can provide a comprehensive recovery plan. We will provide at-home care instructions including RICE protocols & will schedule appointments in our office to begin recovery. In the office, we will use gentle, active physical therapy modalities to allow the ligaments to begin to heal. Gentle range of motion exercises can be performed to allow for any adhesions or other fixations to start to resolve. Light manual therapy & manipulations will be performed to open up the joint space, speed healing & allow for faster recovery. Additional therapies may include: acupuncture to relieve pain & inflammation as well as speed healing through endorphin release; & prescribed nutritional or pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories.