Northstar Integrated Health

Neck Pain Treatment in Lisle, IL


Most pain our office sees is chronic in nature, lasting longer than three months. The pain may be achy; may radiate into the shoulders, arms or hands; or may be arthritic. Depending on the source, treatment may consist of therapies to calm inflammation or the use of braces to restore the natural curvature. Often there is nerve compression somewhere in the neck causing pain, numbness, tingling or pins & needles sensations. We use active physical therapy modalities to alleviate pain & swelling, as well as manipulations to open the joint space through which the nerve traverses. In some cases, we use ligament or tendon releases with small gauge, anti-inflammatory needles to deliver medicines directly to the problem area. No matter how we approach the problem, we always begin with identifying the cause & surrounding the symptoms with therapies to help you start feeling relief.

Also, if you have knee pain, you can contact our specialists and they will help you.