Northstar Integrated Health

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Lisle, IL

Many people will suffer from low back pain in their lives. It could be caused by a quick twist, turn or bend or be a complication from a previous accident. It is also common to have back arthritis, a pro-inflammatory condition that causes pain from joint swelling. Whatever the cause of your back pain, our office treats it on a case-by-case basis. Most of the time this condition requires therapies to reduce inflammation, as well as increase range of motion & flexibility through active stretches with a therapist. Manual manipulations of the spinal joints can lead to increased range of motion as well as a state of anti-inflammation from all the endorphins & other feel-good chemicals released by your body when you receive a targeted spinal correction. If needed, we can prescribe a custom-made, prescriptive brace that can help compress the area as well as provide axial traction to the area of complaint, allowing the patient to continue recovery at home & heal much faster in conjunction with in-office treatment. Acupuncture & additional alternative therapies can be beneficial, as can traditional medicines including muscle relaxers, steroidal anti-inflammatories or other pain control medicines.