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Arthritis Treatment in Lisle, IL

The two most common types of arthritis are: osteoarthritis & autoimmune arthritis. Of those two, the most common type is osteoarthritis; this is when the joints degrade over time & the lining of the joint begins to wear out. This process causes pain in the joint & is typically caused by improper biomechanics, genetics & old injuries. Treatment aims to calm the symptoms with anti-inflammatory therapies as well medicines that can target the inflammation in the joints. Reeducation about proper biomechanics including key exercises & joint mobilizations can help the body learn to move better & subsequently stop excessive rubbing or hypofunctions of movement that cause pain & stiffness with activity. Acupuncture can help this problem by bringing in good, nutritional blood supply to the area so it can heal faster. Joint manipulation can increase the capsular motion of the joints affected. Exploring dietary advice & key foods that can help heal & decrease inflammation is also an avenue explored with the patient to have a well-rounded protocol. Autoimmune arthritis typically needs a rheumatology specialist to help lead the case; our office can provide complimentary therapies as listed above that help the overall joints with increased range of motion & ease of movement for your daily activities.