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Knee Pain Treatment in Lisle, IL

Most knee pain can be attributed to: joint arthritis, ligament / tendon dysfunction +/or swelling in the capsule that can lead to pain, increased inflammation & gait dysfunction. X-ray pictures of the knee can tell us how good or bad the joint is in its current state. In many cases, a custom-made foot orthotic can be inserted in the shoe to allow patients to walk more biomechanically sound. Active physical therapies can help stretch & increase the range of motion & decrease the pain. Acupuncture can help bring increased blood flow to the area to help flush the bad inflammation chemicals out & bring the good blood & nutrition into the area. With osteoarthritis, if regular medicines have failed to completely relieve the pain, our office can use a combination of hyaluronic acid injections & a custom knee brace precision fit to your knee to help cushion the joint & prevent any further damage. These treatments are designed to help you walk better & perform better when tackling stairs, exercise, shopping & other activities of daily living.