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Menopause Treatment in Lisle, IL

ot flashes, the best-known symptom of menopause, can cause you to feel extraordinarily hot & sweaty as your body winds down & eases out of reproductive years. Hot flashes are precipitated by a drop in hormones, especially estrogen. Estrogen is important for bone health & also prevents hot flashes. Our office often recommends topical bio-identical creams or prescriptive patches that work transdermally to help alleviate symptoms; this is a safer approach than oral estrogen because it bypasses the liver & the metabolites it creates, thereby lowering any reproductive or breast cancer risks oral medications may pose. It is a best practice to check other blood tests for basic liver, kidney, sugar & other levels to make sure the whole of the body is at peak performance as well. Acupuncture can take the edge off hot flashes by reducing tension in the muscles & flushing toxic inflammatory chemicals out, bringing in instead good nutritive blood to target tissues. Light active stretches & range of motion exercises with our therapists can help by relieving pain & tension in muscles caused by stress & loss of sleep as a result of coping with hot flashes. As deficient estrogen can cause loss of bone density, we order bone density scans to see if you have seen a decrease in your bone density.