Northstar Integrated Health

Premenstrual Syndrome Treatment in Lisle, IL

It is very common for women to have a painful week before or during their menstruation. Many of our patients come in having already tried over-the-counter remedies, which didn’t fully relive the symptoms. It is possible there is a genetic component, but further investigation must take place to find hidden culprits. Increased stress levels can cause the hormone cortisol to elevate, which can cascade down to affect other hormones including estrogen & progesterone. Determining the stress causes & getting their effects under control is a step in the right direction. Light, gentle active stretches & ranges of motion with our therapists can allow the muscles to release the stress, allowing cortisol levels to lower thereby allowing estrogen & progesterone levels to return to normal. Sometimes if the case is advanced, imaging with an ultrasound can determine if you have cysts, fibroids or endometriosis. All of these are conditions which can sometimes be helped with a simple hormone therapy & other times may need an endocrinologist referral for more advanced care. Dietary stress plays another role in symptoms, causing higher inflammation chemicals in the body which results in more pain. We can check for food allergies & sensitivities that can be pro-inflammatory, making your symptoms worse. Acupuncture can also help by relieving tender areas of tension & allowing them to relax. Intramuscular pain injections & medications can also attack the symptoms if they are inhibiting your quality of life.