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Pain Relief for Shoulder and Treatment Rotator Cuff Injury in Lisle, IL

Most shoulder pain is due to injury or adhesive capsulitis, better known as frozen shoulder. We begin by taking x-ray pictures of the shoulder to rule out any fractures & to check for alignment or partial dislocations as well. Coupled with physical examination findings, we are able to determine which structures are involved by using various orthopedic examinations. Once we have pinpointed the problem, we can employ various therapy modalities to help heal the area rapidly. Active stretches & range of motion exercises help with proper alignment of the joint as well as proper function of the muscles in the area. Frequently, a regional approach is needed wherein we ensure the front, side & back of the shoulder are all working together as one happy team. Treatment may include acupuncture which can help calm the muscles & encourage faster healing of the area. Additionally, specific manipulations can help re-center the shoulder. We may also use local anti-inflammatory, soft tissue injections to calm the area by pinpointing the area of dysfunction & then treating that exact area of inflammation.