Northstar Integrated Health

Mens Health Care in Lisle, IL

As a natural part of aging, it is common for men to notice their bodies are not performing as well as before. To determine a baseline, we complete a full physical examination & run blood tests to see; this helps determine if the physiology is working well or not in general. We may order hormone tests at this time to ensure male hormones are up to par & female hormones are not too high. When not in balance, these ratios can cause a man to have diminished mood, focus & concentration, an overall feeling of stress & a reduction in lean muscle mass. For example, we may need to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to replenish low levels of this hormone, typically when the level is under 250. Concurrent with a replacement therapy regimen we typically prescribe nutritional supplements & dietary advice to boost the overall physical response. Another common problem area is the prostate; we check prostate levels to see if there is an increase in swelling & inflammation. If levels are too high, our first line of defense is medication to try to get it to subside; additionally, we may recommend supplements (e.g. those with Saw Palmetto). When the situation is too serious for basic measures, we will make a referral to a urologist. No matter what, we will do what your body needs for the best care possible!