Northstar Integrated Health

Physical Therapy Specialist in Lisle, IL

our office emphasizes three important aspects of therapy goals for helping patients feel and perform better by decreasing pain and increasing form and function.

  1. Stretching is any form of muscle manipulation that elongates the muscle fibers. The more flexible you are, the less likely you are to injure yourself! Also your muscles can recover from stress and injury, both acute and chronic by having a therapist actively stretch you.
  2. Strength-building exercises can help weak muscle and structures build new connections that allow the patient move and perform better – whether if it’s typing at a desk all day or if you are an athlete that needs precise control with your game – we got you covered!
  3. Range of motion is key to better form, function and movement. Lots of patients come in with restricted range of motion especially in their neck and shoulders as well as in their lower back! This leads to muscle fatigue and decreased performance especially at work. Our therapists work with these factors to help restore motion and allow for your body to perform in its top peak shape!