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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in Lisle, IL

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs with repetitive stress to the wrist. Office work is the typical culprit; activities including handling pages & boxes, or even using the computer & mouse all day, every day. The tunnel that the median nerve traverses becomes inflamed & begins to form adhesions, eventually narrowing. Over time, the patient will experience pain, weakness & numbness radiating into their hand; this can be exacerbated if they need to use their hand for daily work. There are specific braces that can help keep the pressure off the nerve that a patient can wear while at work. Additionally, our office employs active physical therapies to stretch & move the wrist for increased range of motion; using various manipulations to the forearm & carpal bones, we can create space to allow the nerve to have more room. The use of acupuncture can relive pain & allow for the tunnel to relax with better muscle tonicity, as well as lend anti-inflammatory properties to the area.