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Treating Upper Back Pain in Lisle, IL

A typical hazard of the job, many desk workers begin to slouch while completing their daily work; even students can fall victim to this poor posture. With repetitive, daily stress, the spine begins to become stiffer & stiffer & soon pain will set in as well as decreased range of motion. Sometimes there are old injuries underlying the chief complaint, lending a predisposition to weakness & dysfunction. Various spinal manipulations & active therapies can help increase range of motion & bring back core strength to allow for proper alignment while seated. In more severe cases, a specific brace can be prescribed to allow for continued care at work, school or home. Antispasmodics & acupuncture can also provide relief, as can trigger point injections or other soft tissue injections which help release muscles, tendons, ligaments & other soft tissues faster & more effectively than an oral muscle relaxer alone.