As humans, we are subjected to stress daily. This is because we have different obligations and duties to attend to, ranging from going to work, performing daily chores, shopping for groceries, and many other things. However, we have failed to understand that when we are put under pressure and stressed out, we disturb our overall body performance. This means that we are mentally and physically knocked out. A great emphasis is placed on our stressed mental health.

Over time, people have gotten used to caring for their physical health and not their mental health. This constant practice has made caring for our mental health look odd to us. So, we are not even conversant with the appropriate measures to mentally refresh ourselves after a stressful day.

There are several ways to ease and refresh ourselves mentally on a daily basis, and we can also make use of the services of a professional like a chiropractor. If you would like to meet with a highly experienced stress-relief specialist at Northstar integrated health & physical medicine center, feel free to schedule an appointment right away! This is because a chiropractor is armed with enough knowledge to carry out holistic treatment to ensure that your mental health is always secured.

Recommendations of a chiropractor to mentally refresh after a stressful day

Since a chiropractor is known for their vast mode of treatment and management of different kinds of conditions, they are very good at recommending different strategies that can be adopted or put into practice after a stressful day in order to help ease mental stress and keep you in check. This recommendation includes:

Daily practice of belly breathing:

This is one of the recommendations a chiropractor would give. This is because it helps in the reduction of anxiety within a short period of time. Belly breathing is done by breathing deeply and slowly in a simultaneous order to help calm disturbed nerves. This practice helps to release acetylcholine (an anti-stress chemical that helps to reduce the heartbeat rate when stressed out.

Practicing yoga after a stressful day:

When performing yoga, the muscles are consciously relaxed. This helps your entire body relax also. When you practice yoga, you tend to relax your mind, body, and soul after a stressful day.

Getting a massage:

You can decide to visit a chiropractor or massage therapist to get a massage. This will help you to get refreshed and feel relaxed immediately.

Eating a healthy food combination:

A chiropractor can also help create a healthy food plan to enable you to eat healthy after a stressful day. Good food enables our brains to perform optimally.


Meditation needs to be done daily as it is a very good way of getting rid of stress and calming down our nerves. This practice can be done for at least five minutes. Good meditation will ensure that you get ready for another productive day.

Other ways a holistic chiropractor can help reduce stress

You must be aware that chiropractic care is not the same as psychological treatment, and as such mental stress cannot be treated directly. However, there are other ways a chiropractor can help you lower the impact of stress on your mental, emotional, and physical health. Some of the common roles a chiropractor can help in decreasing stress impact include;


  • Recommending specific exercises
  • Addressing sleep complications
  • Reducing muscles tension
  • Improving body movement
  • Performing acupuncture


Visiting a chiropractor once in a while will enable you to keep fit and healthy no matter the stress you might face. It would also ensure that you can take control of your mental health on a daily basis regardless of the pressure or tension developed.

If you need a holistic doctor for consultation or treatment, contact Northstar integrated health & physical medicine center to request an appointment.