There are three types of arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis which is caused by an inflammatory condition, osteoarthritis which occurs from wear and tear and post-traumatic arthritis which can occur after an injury. Athletes involved in tennis, soccer, or long-distance running are more likely to be at risk for developing conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee. When it comes to treating knee arthritis most commonly found in athletes, a comprehensive approach is the best approach for lasting relief. These are some effective ways to treat your sports knee arthritis:


Pain Relievers

Many arthritis sufferers find themselves reaching for a bottle of anti-inflammatory drugs to control their symptoms, but they should be used with caution. Over the counter medications should not be taken for more than ten days without the supervision of your physician. Taking these medications can cause side-effects if taken for longer periods. Check with a physician as they may prescribe more effective prescription anti-inflammatory medication in some cases.


Lose Extra Weight

If you are obese or overweight, weight loss is the most effective way to reduce pressure on the knees. Your weight can have a big impact on arthritis symptoms. Extra weight puts more pressure on your joints, especially your knees, hips, and feet. By losing weight, you will reduce the amount of stress on your joints. This can decrease the pain level, improve your mobility and prevent further damage to your joints. Every pound of excess weight adds between two and four pounds of pressure on your knees. So, looking after your diet and having an appropriate exercise regimen is essential.


Invest in a Knee Brace

To provide your knee with extra support you may want to invest in a knee brace. There are different types of braces so can select the one that suits your condition best. Unloader braces are deigned to take the pressure off the knee on the side that is affected and support braces support the whole knee. Finding the right brace will depend on how severe your arthritis is, as well as the location of the arthritis on your knee; whether it is on the kneecap, or if it is on the inner or outer side of your knee joint.



Acupuncture treatments can encourage and speed up healing and reduce pain associated with sports arthritis. Very thin sterile acupuncture needles are inserted in various locations on the body to stimulate the production of natural chemicals that promote healing. This is a great modality to add to your health regimen for improved and lasting results.


Knee Injections

If you have tried several options and have not found relief, injection therapy may be a low-risk option that can help you. The physicians at the North Star Integrated Health & Physical Medicine Center offer the advanced Supartz injections which contain a natural substance called hyaluronan, that restores function by lubricating the inside of the joint. This natural substance is found in your joint cartilage as well as the synovial fluid in your joints, making the treatments an effective method of improving your mobility and relieving your pain.


Sports Physiotherapy and Massage

Sports physiotherapy and massage are very important in managing joint discomfort and pain. Arthritis can interfere with your daily activities and have a massive impact on your quality of life. It affects people of all ages and shows up in many parts of the body. If you are looking for a sports physiotherapist to help you manage your sports related knee arthritis and are interested in getting massage and others treatments, we can help you. North Star Medical Center offers quality care at one of the best sport clinics in Illinois focusing on sports injuries, physical injuries and injury prevention.


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