Depending on the length of your marathon, recovering completely can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. If you are looking for ways to drastically improve the speed of your recovery, you will find the following post-race tips very helpful.
Keep the Pace, Even After the Race

When you cross the finish line, your body goes into recovery mode. Walk for at least 10 minutes after you have completed your marathon to allow your body the time to come back gradually to its resting state. Even if you stop for a few moments to celebrate your finish, keep on walking. Your blood flow and heart rate need to come back to normal to ensure that the blood does not pool in your legs, as this can cause fainting. Walk for 10-15 minutes every few hours for the rest of the day.


Take it Easy

For a week or 10 days after your marathon, choose lower impact activities such as yoga, cycling, and swimming. If you allow yourself a full week without the mental and physical demands of running, you will be greatly rewarded. One of the quickest ways to have an injury is by running to soon or running too much after your marathon.


Replenish, Replenish, Replenish!

Have a meal that has sodium, protein and carbohydrates as soon as possible to refuel depleted muscles. Most efficient absorption of fuel occurs in the first half an hour to hour after you have finished your marathon. If you find it hard to eat after a race, you can drink a liquid recovery drink which is formulated to provide you with the fluid, electrolytes, protein and carbohydrates you need to replenish your body. Ideal options are a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a banana, and some chocolate milk or vegetable juice.

In order to replenish the fluids that you have lost, sip on fluids throughout the day. One way to check if you are hydrated enough is to check your urine. If it is dark you need to continue hydrating yourself until it becomes a pale yellow color like that or lemonade. Eating small but frequent meals throughout the day will help to replenish your electrolytes and fuel your body.


Getting Back to Your Normal Regimen

How fast you should get back to your normal training depends on when you plan to race again, your fitness level and how long the marathon you completed was race was, If you ran a full marathon and want to maintain a high fitness level, do not nun for 4-7 days, then do low-
intensity running for the following week, before returning to your regular regimen. Remember that any high intensity exercise too soon can slow the replenishment of glycogen stores that are needed for your recovery.


Sports Rehab Therapy and Other Helpful Solutions

Massage can also help you recover more quickly and it is a wonderful way to treat yourself after lengthy training and completing a marathon. You can massage your muscles using foam rollers or massage sticks that help you with deep tissue massage for hips, thighs, calves and hamstrings. Better yet, professional sports massage and treatments including chiropractic care and nutritional advice can help to prepare you for your next marathon.

If you would like to work with a sports physiotherapist who is trained in assisting with recovery and can help you with muscle flexibility and strength to prevent injuries, or are looking to condition your body to help prepare you for your next marathon, we can help you. North Star  Medical Center offers quality care at one of the best sport clinics in Illinois focusing on sports injuries, physical injuries and injury prevention. Our certified physiotherapists offer the highest quality patient experience by ensuring safe, effective, and pain-free solutions for athletes, active adults and children that play sports.

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