Massage Therapy 

What is Massage therapy?

Massage therapy uses pressure and touches on the body to operate soft tissue to loosen up and feel relaxed, especially after you experience a very stressful moment. Contact NorthStar integrated health and physical medicine center to book an appointment with our holistic physiotherapist.

Why is massaging good for you and your soft tissues? 

Your body muscles contain different minor and thin fibers that work together to activate your muscle groups. Your muscles and these bones are combined by a connective tissue known as tendons, which allows for the movement of your body parts. Your bones are linked with tough bands of connective tissues known as ligaments for better firmness. These ligaments comprise another connective tissue identified as fascia that protects it. 

The status of soft tissues in your body offers stability and mobility at the joints and strength required to do other actions. Although soft tissues have different benefits to the body, they can also limit you from harmful or extreme activities that can cause damage, such as stress from regular exercise and athletic training. Holistic care can assist in loosening and comforting your muscles and give your body a healthier condition to perform well.

How can holistic therapy improve the condition of your health?

Holistic therapy is appropriate for everyone, irrespective of age. At NorthStar integrated health and physical medicine center, our licensed holistic physiotherapist will recommend a type of massage that will boost your recovery. These include;

Swedish massage: This type of massage needs light stroke movement to comfort the entire body’s muscles. It will help reduce swollen spots and allow proper blood flow in your body.

Myofascial release: This type of massage will assist you by relieving pains believed to be triggered by sensitivity and tightness in your myofascial muscles.

Deep tissue massage: This type of massage will assist you in loosening up your connective tissues and muscles.

Holistic therapy is an effective way that helps your body regulate the respiratory rate, boost your immune system, reduce physical stress impact, lower heart rate, live a relaxed life, and keep your muscles agile. To keep your soft tissues and body operating correctly, book an appointment today at NorthStar integrated health and physical medicine center for holistic therapy. It will be our satisfaction to offer you the best massage therapy sessions to improve your health.

Need an appointment?

Contact NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED & MEDICAL CENTER today to schedule an appointment and start a treatment plan to fasten your recovery process. We’ll collaborate with your WSIB nurse to ensure you get the required care to get you back on track. 

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