You may have heard of homeopathy and wonder if it can help you with your sports injuries. Homeopathy, has been around for 5,000 years and uses remedies that are made from natural substances which are diluted and energized numerous times. Each dilution changes the potency of the remedy and is used for different situations. Athletes use homeopathic remedies to accelerate healing from sports injuries while also supporting their emotional health.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s natural self-healing processes. Since they also influence emotional health, athletes can take homeopathic remedies to help to recover from shock from and injury, combat anxiety, worry and other emotions that can interfere with their health and athletic performance.  Homeopathic remedies often come in combinations that target healing from different angles helping athletes to get back to their sports faster. They can be taken in pellet form or applied as a liquid tincture, gel or topical ointment. Homeopathic remedies are advantageous since they do not have any side effects and they don’t interfere with drug tests.

Here are some popular homeopathic remedies that are used to treat sports injuries:

Arnica is an athlete’s best friend when it comes to situations where there is bruising, shock, swelling, and pain. For rapid relief, it is best taken immediately once and injury or after trauma has occurred. Arnica can also be taken as a preventative measure prior to any extreme exertion or joint mobilization or manipulation. It is an excellent remedy for muscle pulls and strains and can be used as an external application in the form of a liquid tincture, gel or ointment.

Hypericum (St. John’s Wort) assists nerve tissues and is useful for falls or blows that affect tissues rich in nerve endings such as those in the spine, head, fingertips or coccyx. It also accelerates the healing of nerves that are damaged. Hypericum is useful in the prevention of infections where there are any cuts or puncture wounds.

Bellis (Daisy) is similar to Arnica but is used for chronic, recurrent or long-standing injuries, or those that have accrued for a long period of time. This remedy is great for repetitive strain disorders such as carpel tunnel syndrome and sprains.

Ledum (Labrador Tea) is used for arthritis and deep bruising that appears with fractures or a black eye

Rhus tox (Poison Ivy) is what you steer clear of in the forest but as a homeopathic remedy is the first thing you reach for when you sprain a ligament or joint. It works on the entire joint structure and is the perfect to use after Arnica if you have a sprain or strain. It also works well in cold damp environments and for sports arthritis resulting from prolonged wear and tear.

Ruta (Garden Rue) is used for trauma to cartilage, tendons, or periosteum and is great for joints where there are complex ligamentous attachments, like the knee, wrist, cervical spine and the lower back. It is also helpful for tendon and shoulder sprains.

Symphytum (Comfrey) is a traditional herbal remedy that accelerates the healing of fractures and for blows or injuries to the eye and the bony orbit of the eye.

One advantage of using homeopathic remedies is that combination remedies can be made just for you. While some pre-made combinations are available at the pharmacy, they are not fine-tuned dilutions for your specific physical and emotional needs and may not be entirely effective. A trained homeopath will be able to take into consideration your physical and emotional health and will ask you numerous questions to create the perfect remedy for you.

So, homeopathy is an effective way to assist in recovery from sports injuries as it speeds up healing through the body’s own healing abilities making it an important part of your sports health regimen. If you would like to learn more about homeopathy or would like to worth with a qualified homeopath, we can help you at North Star Medical Center. Contact us at 630-795-1889 to arrange an appointment. Once we take your medical history and conduct a detailed examination, we will be able to create a custom-made treatment for you.


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