Do you find yourself constantly struggling with strained with muscles aches and strains after you exercise? Are you wondering if there is a way to recover quickly after a sports injury? Fortunately, there is. With the help of a physiotherapist, you can speed up recovery time after a sports injury. In fact, sports injury rehabilitation is very helpful in getting athletes back into their sports. An injury only takes an instant to occur due to an accident or slip, however once you are injured it can take some time to heal fully.

Here are some ways that sports physiotherapy can aid in your recovery after a sports injury.

Accelerated Recovery from Injury

Physiotherapists will help to accelerate recovery from an injury through ice therapy, sports massage, and other techniques to encourage faster muscles. For example, the use of ice packs reduces swelling and eases any pain experienced where the injury occurred. The use of massage can increase circulation and the delivery of nutrients to your tissues and muscles. Physiotherapy can also assist in reducing stress and blocking pain as it raises endorphin levels in the brain.

Improved Joint and Muscle Flexibility

Whether you are a runner, swimmer, dancer or football player, flexibility is key. It is unfortunate that some people don’t have naturally flexibility in muscles and joints. They have to work very hard to become more flexible and muscle function can be affected with even a slight injury. Physiotherapy assists in improving joint and muscle flexibility as your muscles are encouraged to stretch and relax and strengthen. This leads to better range of motion and flexibility. Physiotherapy can also be used as a method of injury prevention as it helps to lower your risk of injury as well as reducing the severity of an injury.

The Need for Surgery is Reduced

Surgery is often a procedure that is invasive and requires a lot of time for recovery. Physiotherapy can be an excellent alternative to surgery. Your physiotherapist will need to assess your particular situation to determine if non-invasive treatment methods and exercises can help to restore the functioning of the injured area and decrease pain. You should see your physiotherapist prior to scheduling an appointment for surgery. It may be possible to treat your injury with physiotherapy and avoid surgery altogether depending on the severity of your injury.

Prevents Further Damage

Sports injury physiotherapy focuses on prevention. As mentioned before, it can be used to prevent injuries from happening in the first place by strengthening your muscles and increasing your range of motion and flexibility. Even after an injury, physiotherapy can prevent you from injuring the same area again. The physiotherapist will help you develop a customized workout plan to strengthen your weaker areas, so that you can perform better and decrease the risk of further damage to your body.

Is Sports Rehab Right for You?

If you would like to maintain muscle flexibility and strength to prevent injuries from occurring, or are looking to treat a sports injury in a non-invasive way, to treat a sports injury, we can help you. North Star Medical Center offers quality sports injury care at one of the best sport clinics in Illinois focusing on sports injuries, physical injuries and injury prevention. Our certified physiotherapists offer the highest quality patient experience by ensuring safe, effective, and pain-free solutions for athletes, active adults and children that play sports. We also offer chiropractic care and rehabilitation for injuries that result in fractures, knee or shoulder injuries or a concussion. You can be helped through rehabilitation at our clinic if you are experiencing anything that limits your mobility such as tendonitis or damage to your cartilage. Our methods help speed up recovery time, helping you to return as closely as possible to your normal level of physical ability, as soon as possible.

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