Chiropractor For Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Lisle

Chiropractor For Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Chiropractor For Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Chiropractor For Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Lisle

Motor Vehicle accident

Are you suffering from pain or discomfort caused by an automobile accident? We can help you achieve the relief you need using holistic practices.

Being a motor vehicle accident victim shouldn’t deprive you of having the best and adequate treatment. When a motor vehicle accident occurs, there are chances of a victim sustaining injury, pain, or stiffness. However, if you find yourself in such a condition, you don’t have to panic. 

Here at NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH AND PHYSICAL MEDICINE CENTER, we can assist you with effective remedies and better treatment plans to lessen your pain and hasten recovery. If you feel pain, discomfort, or are a motor vehicle accident victim, contact our medical center right away! Our chiropractor and massage therapists will use holistic practices to address your condition, irrespective of the type of car injury sustained.

How can chiropractors and physiotherapists use holistic practices to address motor vehicle accidents? 

Oftentimes, different forms of injuries can be sustained after a motor vehicle accident. In most cases, such a victim is likely to experience headaches, restricted motion range, stiffness around the neck region, and acute or chronic pain at any part of the body.  

In order to ensure your condition is adequately addressed, visiting a trained and licensed holistic chiropractor and physiotherapists after a motor vehicle accident is important. They will help you to achieve a pain-free state and be in optimal health. Depending on your condition, an individualized treatment plan will be designed and tailored to help alleviate any pain and improve your recovery process. 

However, not in all cases do symptoms appear after a car accident. These symptoms might take days, months, or years for some individuals before it appears. A proper examination from a well-trained and certified holistic practitioner can identify underlying symptoms before an individualized treatment plan tailored to your condition can be recommended. This plan will be designed to relieve your pain, improve flexibility, enhance strength, and hasten the recovery process. Kindly know that the earlier you begin holistic treatment sessions, the lower the chances of experiencing any future syndrome or pain. 

Why are holistic  chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment important for you after a motor vehicle accident? 

Relieve pain quickly 

One of the major focuses of our practice at Northstar integrated health and physical medicine center is to help relieve any form of pain or discomfort a patient might be suffering from using holistic physiotherapy techniques. These methods help improve blood flow, deliver nutrients and oxygen to affected parts of the body, and hasten the recovery process. When you arrive for a treatment session, our holistic practitioner will recommend a specialized plan based on your condition. The holistic plan will be tailored to enhance your current condition, fasten the recovery process, and improve your overall health. 

Lowers the chances of undergoing surgery 

Some degree of injury sustained can be treated effectively using non-invasive methods like holistic physiotherapy or chiropractic practice. Holistic therapy helps improve your musculoskeletal systems such as tissues, muscles, and ligaments. In addition, this practice also protects your body from other complicated issues that might occur from surgical errors. Apart from this form of treatment being a better option for some injuries, it is also pocket-friendly compared to surgery, which can be expensive.

Improve symptoms of vertigo

As a motor vehicle accident victim, you might be suffering from dizziness and vertigo. Through holistic therapeutic practices, dizziness and vertigo can be treated effectively by rehabilitating any dysfunction in the vestibular system. 

Restoring function 

If you previously had a motor vehicle accident, holistic physiotherapy treatment can help restore affected body functions to normal. At Northstar integrated health and physical medicine center, our trained and licensed holistic therapy specialists will use strength training, cardiovascular rehab, and holistic practices to relieve any existing pain as well as improve your health function to optimal condition. These practices are very safe, with zero side effects before and after treatment sessions.  

Additional information about holistic physiotherapy treatment for a motor vehicle accident

Motor vehicle accident injuries can be treated using different holistic physiotherapy techniques. These include:

  • Targeted stretching
  • Manual therapy using holistic practice 
  • Recommended exercises 

Here at Northstar integrated health and physical medicine center, we use natural treatment techniques to address motor vehicle accident injuries. It is highly advisable to seek medical attention after a motor vehicle accident occurs to ensure your problem is treated immediately.

If your case requires further treatment, necessary consultation will be given.

How do I know if I have an injury?

Often, motor vehicle accident victims commonly sustain head and neck injuries, which can sometimes be severe and noticeable. These injuries can affect a patient’s auditory system i.e hearing and vision, lead to skull fracture and concussion, which might cause a dysfunction in the vestibular system such as dizziness, vertigo, or headaches. 

When a sudden forceful movement of the neck happens during a car accident, such a victim is likely to sustain a condition known as whiplash. Whiplash causes pain and limited movement to the neck. Some other form of injuries that might be sustained from a motor vehicle accident includes; herniated disc, fractures, and spinal cord problems. To ensure hidden symptoms or problems are identified after a motor vehicle accident, contact Northstar integrated health and physical medicine center to schedule an appointment with one of our holistic physiotherapists and chiropractor.

Ready for pain relief treatment? 

If you recently experienced a motor vehicle accident or are still feeling a little pain from a motor vehicle accident that happened in the past, NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH AND PHYSICAL MEDICINE CENTER can provide the necessary holistic care that will be tailored to your condition. Contact us to book an appointment and begin a treatment process to eradicate your pain and fasten your recovery. 

When you meet with one of our trained and certified holistic physiotherapists and chiropractors, they will examine your injury and recommend an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve a comfortable and pain-free life.