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Chiropractor For Work Injuries

Chiropractor For Work Injuries

Work Injuries Holistic Therapy Lisle

Work Injuries

Do you still suffer From Your Work Injury?

If you live in surrounding areas of  LISLE, NAPERVILLE, DOWNERS GROVE, GLEN ELLYN, WHEATON, BOLINGBROOK, WOODRIDGE IN ILLINOIS, and you have filed an injury claim via the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). In that case, NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH & PHYSICAL MEDICAL CENTER is always available to help you out. Work injuries are quite dangerous to the health as they can result in monetary, mental, and physical distress, especially if you are unsure of your recovery period. At this moment, it is vital to consult our medical center to book an appointment with one of our holistic practitioners to begin a proper rehabilitation plan for you quickly.

How can holistic therapy help your work injury?

The holistic practice has been proven successful in quickly and effectively treating work injuries for people of different ages because it integrates the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional forms of well-being. At NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH & PHYSICAL MEDICAL CENTER, holistic physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy can assist you. We also employ the most advanced treatment methods for enhanced movement, pain relief, and general well-being. Your physiotherapist will make a tailored treatment proposal for your specific requirements, in addition to helping you with techniques for appropriate performance while on the job in order not to encounter further injury in the future.

Most popular work injuries

There are different precise causes and categories of work injuries. The most common work injuries include:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The primary purpose of the carpal tunnel is to protect your median nerve on the inside of your wrist and the tendons you use for bending your fingers every time. However, this tunnel can become restrained, and when this happens, nerve compression can have an effect, leading to a variety of signs, such as tingling in the thumb, 1st and 2nd fingers, and numbness. In addition to the ache in your hand and wrist, swelling in your hand and fingers is even possible. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is often caused by an injury or repetitive job-related use, such as keyboard-heavy work, driving heavy machinery, or assembly-line work. NorthStar’s holistic program may include light exercises, stretching, and strengthening the muscles in your wrist and hand.


Tendinitis is caused by the extreme overloading of the muscles, which causes them to become swollen and oversensitive. If you experience such, you begin to see symptoms that include swelling, pain, and soreness. This condition most frequently occurs in the shoulders, elbows, and knees, and it can be rectified if you visit NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH & PHYSICAL MEDICAL CENTER.

Back pain

Back pain is the most frequently reported work-related source of aching, and several work-related activities mainly cause it. For example, long periods of inoperativeness, such as sitting in a chair all day, can lead to back pain. Equally, too much force on your back, such as repeatedly lifting heavy items, can also be the cause of back pain.

Sprains and strains

Sprains and strains tend to occur in the whole body, which affects the muscles and tendons. These arise from trauma, such as falling from a ladder or tiresome gestures. They can also happen as a result of inappropriate use of apparatus. Whatever the circumstances may be, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy at NorthStar holistic medical therapy will assist you in eliminating the pain and dysfunction from an injured muscle, tendon, or ligament.

Auto accidents

If you are involved in a job that requires a vehicle, you will encounter a risk of a motor vehicle accident injury. Work-related automobile accidents can affect injuries ranging from mild cuts and abrasions to severe whiplash and broken bones. Physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy can help your recovery from a vehicle accident by lessening pain, irritation and restoring your range of motion.

How holistic therapy treatment relieve your work injury 

Holistic care is a natural, quick, and easy way that will assist you in recovering from work injuries while understanding your psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional dimensions. It also eradicates the need for potentially harmful prescription drugs or operating intervention in many cases. If you are injured at work, contact NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH & PHYSICAL MEDICAL CENTER today to schedule an appointment and get on track on the first steps of your treatment plan. We’ll work with your WSIB nurse case manager to assist your recovery process and get you back to your routine! 

Need an appointment?

Contact NORTHSTAR MEDICAL CENTER today to schedule an appointment and start a treatment plan to fasten your recovery process. We’ll collaborate with your WSIB nurse to ensure you get the required care to get you back on track. 

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