Medical Self Care Coaching Lisle

Medical Self-Care Coaching Lisle

Medical Self-Care Coaching Lisle

Medical Self Care Coaching Lisle

Medical Self-Care Coaching

Medical Self-Care

Science has clearly demonstrated that our top seven chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary conditions, stroke, cancer, emotional disorders) are both preventable and treatable by changes in behavior. Unfortunately, our current healthcare system focuses primarily on the use of medication and surgery to manage many disease processes. Patients may be told what behaviors to strive for and which to avoid, but few are given the necessary means to accomplish this goal, i.e. the one-on-one individual support and guidance needed to make and sustain necessary behavioral and lifestyle changes.

At Nstar Integrated Health, we believe that self-care is central to good healthcare. When individuals are given the opportunity to become an active participant in improving their health, change comes easier. Our medical self-care coaching provides valuable one-on-one collaboration and guidance to help you successfully make these changes. The coaching process respects your own self-knowledge and adds the necessary targeted education and evidence-based, self-care practices to address your particular health care needs.

Roadmap to Effective Self-Care

Medical self-care plans are initiated at Nstar Integrated Health by physician evaluation and further developed between you and a self-care coach. After initial evaluation, the physician and coach establish potential primary goals based on treatment objectives and current risk factors. You and your coach then work collaboratively to identify reasonable and reachable self-care objectives and goals that build on your strengths and tap into your available personal resources.

Whenever possible, medical self-care is based on a step approach – building on small successes to reach larger goals. Your coach will provide education, instruction in self-care techniques, guidance in how to integrate or apply new strategies, and counseling in regards to potential obstacles. The following are common areas that may be addressed in medical self-care coaching and, when improved, will pave the way to wellness:

• Sleep Hygiene
• Exercise and Movement
• Stress Reduction
• Pain Management
• Medication &Toxic Substance Management
• Re-Injury & Re-Lapse Prevention
• Social Integration
• Work-Life Balance

Benefits of Medical Self-Care Coaching

Through medical self-care coaching, we help you take more control over your health and your life by giving you personalized support, guidance and education. Improving self-care with individualized coaching will not only help you manage your current medical condition more effectively and maximize clinical outcomes, it will also assist in reversing the disease process. In addition, learning how to successfully care for yourself paves the way for a long-term wellness lifestyle that puts you in the driver’s seat of your health.