Alternative Natural Therapy, Holistic Medicine And Chiropractor In Lisle

Holistic Doctor In Lisle

Holistic Doctor In Lisle

Alternative Natural Therapy, Holistic Medicine And Chiropractor In Lisle

Holistic Medicine

Holistic doctor in Lisle

Do you have discomforts that no traditional medicine or other doctor has been able to heal effectively? Then it may be time to see a holistic doctor. If you live in Lisle, Illinois, we’re pleased to tell you that we have the best holistic specialists for you and near you.

What Exactly Do Holistic Doctors Do?

A holistic doctor is a fully qualified health specialist who focuses on holistic medicine and addresses health issues from a holistic philosophy. 

Like conventional medicine, holistic medicine is used to treat ailments and diseases. It helps boost the body’s natural healing abilities and improves a patient’s general health.

When we talk about holistic medicine, we refer to the human being as a complete being (mind, body, spirit), so our treatments and techniques are aimed at relieving you in all those areas. Therefore, our holistic doctors will:

  • Treat your physical problems, whether they are migraines, hernias, contractures, muscular discomforts, and other chronic conditions.
  • Improve your low mood, depression, anxiety, among others.

Why should you choose us?

When you decide to visit us at Northstar Integrated Health & Physical Medicine Center, you will come across all our advantages and benefits, such as:

  • A staff of specialized holistic doctors.
  • More than 15 years of experience and thousands of good reviews from our patients.
  • Not only will we treat you to solve your problem, but you will also be monitored for improvements and overall progress.
  • A personalized treatment plan designed for your body and rhythm of life.
  • We offer you short, medium- and long-term solutions for continuous improvement.

Schedule your appointment

One of the biggest benefits we offer you at Northstar Integrated Health & Physical Medicine Center is that you can schedule your own appointment through our website by choosing the day and time that suits you best.

If you prefer to speak with our staff, you can call us and we will answer you immediately, or you can visit us at our wellness medical center. Scheduling an appointment with us is easy and fast; so don’t hesitate for another second!

In case you want to visit us in person for scheduling, we are located at 4513 Lincoln Ave., Suite 212, Lisle, IL.  Oftentimes we can see you on the very same day!

Since your neck is flexible and carries the weight of your head, it’s vulnerable to injuries. Neck pain can be caused by:

Muscle strain

Even repeated minor motions like grinding your teeth and other forms of overuse can strain your neck muscles. Remaining in a position where you’re hunched forward is another muscle strain trigger.


Some diseases like arthritis, cancer, or meningitis can cause neck pain due to inflammation and muscle tension.


Accidents and injuries, particularly when there’s a high-impact trauma can cause neck pain and other complications like whiplash. If your head moves rapidly into an unnatural position, it can pull the soft tissues in your neck.

Nerve compression

Nerve compression is the result of bone spurs or herniated discs in your neck pressing on the spinal cord nerves, resulting in moderate to severe pain.

Worn joints

Your neck joints wear down over time and can become painful. Conditions like osteoarthritis cause the cartilage between the bones to deteriorate. Any deterioration, trauma, or straining of the muscles, bones, and cartilage in the neck can lead to pain.

Your spine supports your body weight and is made up of over 30 small vertebrae stacked together. The many cartilage discs that sit between the vertebrae act as shock absorbers, preventing friction of the bones.

With all of those complex components from bones to cartilage, it’s not surprising that there’s plenty of room for error and damage to occur.

The lower back tends to be one of the more painful areas because it endures a lot of mechanical stress from our everyday lives: It bears much of your upper body’s weight.


At the Northstar Integrated Health & Physical Medicine Center, doctors offer conventional and holistic treatment methods to relieve your pain, including:

  • Medical manipulation
  • Spinal decompression
  • Trigger point injections
  • Supartz arthritis injections
  • TX360 migraine and headache treatment

They also provide physical therapy and holistic medicine services like acupuncture, and traditional treatment methods including medications and steroids.

Call today to receive a thorough consultation and evaluation, or book an appointment online.