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Chiropractor For Sport Injuries

Chiropractor For Sport Injuries

Chiropractor For Sport Injuries | Northstar Lisle

Sport Injuries 

How Could Sports Injury Occur? 

Any injury sustained while participating in an athletic activity falls under the umbrella term “sports injury.” There are a number of ways to get injured, including lifting heavy weights at the gym, running in poorly-fitting shoes, and over-exerting yourself on the baseball or soccer field. 

Getting treatment for a sports injury as soon as possible is critical for its recovery. Based on the intensity of your injury, your medical history, and whether or not surgery is required, your recovery time and treatment options will change. 

What Sports injury Can I have? 

The most common types of sports-related injuries include: 

  • Shin splints 

Shin splints, also known as “medial tibial stress syndrome,” is a medical term for pain in the shin bones. In most cases, the shinbone and the bordering connective tissues are stressed, resulting in this pain. Shin splints can be severe and unbearable, but they are preventable with the right footwear, pre-exercise warming up, and leg and core muscle strengthening exercises. 

  • Pulled muscle or Strain. 

You have “pulled muscle” or “strain” when the tendon that connects your muscle to your bone is stretched beyond its breaking point. Overstretching a tendon increases the likelihood that it will tear again. 

  • Sprain. 

Stretching a ligament that connects two bones results in a sprain. It is more likely than not that a ligament will be overstretched again after it has been sprained. 

  • Injuries to one’s knees. 

Injuries to your knee are prevalent because it is the most complicated joint in your body. Injuries to the knee can range from a subtle aching in the hip to a more serious injury like a torn ACL. 

Holistic Physiotherapy Treatments Can Help You Get Back to Regular Sporting Activities  

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, maintaining your safety while participating in your sport is critical. If you’ve been injured while participating in any kind of physical activity we’re here to help you get back in the game! 

Allow our dedicated physiotherapists help you return to your favorite sport sooner rather than waiting for your injury to heal on its own. If you would like to have a session with our holistic practitioner, contact NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH & PHYSICAL MEDICINE CENTER to book an appointment.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get back in the game. 

Here at Northstar Integrated, our physiotherapists are movement experts who can help you recover quickly and achieve your physical goals. Their goal is to help you get back on the field of play as quickly as possible by prescribing a customized treatment plan to meet your individual needs. First, an examination and review of diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds, will be performed. The type of injury, fitness level, and lifestyle will all be taken into account when developing a holistic treatment plan. 

Depending on the severity of your injury, your treatment plan may include a combination of holistic manual therapy, stretches, and strengthening exercises to help you regain mobility and balance. All of this is done to assist you in your recovery from your sports injury and to help prevent further injuries. 

Request an appointment at NORTH STAR INTEGRATED HEALTH & PHYSICAL MEDICINE CENTER right away. We will help you recover swiftly so that you can return to the sport that you love because that is our top priority!