Arthritis Pain Relief Lisle. Sportsman hurting his arthritis knee during workout.

Arthritis Pain Relief Lisle

Arthritis Pain Relief Lisle

Arthritis Pain Relief Lisle. Sportsman hurting his arthritis knee during workout.



Do you ever wake up with a stiff or tight feeling in your joints? Do they ache when you first wake up in the morning, becoming less uncomfortable as the day progresses? If this is the case, it might indicate early-onset arthritis. Arthritis is a common ailment that many individuals suffer from yet ignore for far too long before seeking treatment. NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH & PHYSICAL MEDICINE CENTER can help you get relief from aching joints caused by arthritis.

Our holistic therapist can help you manage your arthritis. We will determine which approaches will be most helpful in giving pain relief for your arthritis throughout daily activities and will assist you in avoiding future injuries. In addition, our therapist will assist you in increasing your range of motion in painful arthritic joints. Contact NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH & PHYSICAL MEDICINE CENTER immediately to schedule an appointment if you have arthritis or suspect you may be suffering from it.


According to the US Arthritis Foundation, arthritis affects more than 45 million individuals and is the primary cause of disabilities in the United States. Arthritis produces pain and inflammation, affecting one or more joints simultaneously.

Because Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage of the joint breaks away, either due to age or usage, joint pain is the most prevalent symptom because the cartilage no longer acts as the thick cushion that it once did; without a cushion, the bones grind against each other, resulting in an inflammatory reaction in the joint.

Rheumatoid arthritis, often known as “inflammatory arthritis,” produces joint pain that worsens after extended sitting, standing, or inactivity.

Arthritis pain can become significantly worse with movement, such as with knee bending, you may hear popping or clicking sounds in the afflicted joint(s), and the joint may be sensitive or painful to the touch. Arthritis can also create discomfort when you exercise or work with the pain subsiding once you stop doing the activity.


The most prevalent kind of arthritis, Osteoarthritis, is usually simple to diagnose. A sudden joint injury might trigger it or it can occur after a prior injury has healed completely. Assume you were a collegiate football player who received a jarring knock to the knee. You seek medical attention, heal, and then return to the game. Although the injury healed, damage to the cartilage or surrounding muscles occurred, reducing joint support or slightly modifying the joint’s mobility. As a result, it is still conceivable that you will get Osteoarthritis due to it later in life.

The same is true for jobs that involve repetitive motions or overuse. For example, if you work as a carpenter and wield a hammer in repetitive movements, you may develop Osteoarthritis in your elbow or hand joints.

When you are overweight, you may be at a higher risk of getting Osteoarthritis because more strain is placed on your knees and hip joints .

Rheumatoid arthritis is another kind of arthritis that is less well known which is more common in females than in males. It manifests as an autoimmune reaction, which means that your immune system perceives your joints as a threat and decides to attack them.

Researchers believe that your medical history, environment, and hormones may all have a role in developing rheumatoid arthritis. It is typical to affect the same joints on both sides of your body because it is an autoimmune disorder.


Holistic therapy can be quite beneficial to those suffering from arthritic pain. Many of our patients can avoid surgery, drugs, and steroid injections with holistic treatments. A holistic therapist will do a physical examination to establish the best course of therapy for you.

Physical therapy helps restore normal joint mobility, strengthen supporting muscles, and improve how you walk, run, bend, and move. Our therapies are tailored to your unique needs to help you heal faster and with a more lasting result. We also educate you on avoiding future joint injuries and what you can do on your own with the proper therapeutic exercises.

Make an appointment with our expert holistic therapist at NORTHSTAR INTEGRATED HEALTH & PHYSICAL MEDICINE CENTER if you have arthritic symptoms and want to find long-term treatment